Tricia has developed a loyal following for her sensitive and detailed drawings


Tricia Wellings has created a loyal following for her sensitive and detailed drawings of animals using charcoal.

She has always held a reputation for creating sensitive and technically skilled pieces of artwork and her creative career spans 25 years. Initially based in central London in collaboration with an extensive number of galleries, her adventurous spirit also led to solo exhibitions in Hong Kong and Hawaii, USA.

However, her innate love of the countryside and wide open spaces led to a move from London to West Sussex in 2002.

Here, Tricia re-connected with her love for rural life and further developed her passion for drawing animals and for animal welfare.

Tricia has a great love of charcoal and her skill in the use of this medium is widely admired. As well as using line to create shape and form, she uses her fingertips to infuse the image with a sense of life and movement. Different types and forms of charcoal are involved, with the layers gradually built upon to create depth and tone.

The result is a piece of artwork that is a contemporary stand alone piece, as well as a sensitive and accurate portrait of the animal.

Tricia divides her time between doing personal commissions of horses, dogs, cats, etc. and drawing animals with which she feels an emotional connection. Her ability to convey animals with character and soul means she frequently works with rescue charities and animal welfare and is happy to donate a percentage of sales to help promote their valuable work.

Artist Statement

“I love the challenge and satisfaction of bringing an image to life with charcoal on paper. For me, great care and attention to detail bring a drawing alive to convey the animal’s individual character and personality. My aim is to produce a stand-alone unique piece of artwork that conveys more character, mood and emotion than the photograph it was drawn from.”