Prices and frequently asked questions


Commissioning a drawing is a simple process, yet offers a high level of personalisation. An animal portrait is a very special gift and will be treasured for many years to come.

My goal is to capture on paper that special essence and "soul" that is YOUR animal. It is vitally important to me that you love your portrait. If you are not 100% satisfied, there is no balance payment due.

It is also possible to convert your portrait into greetings cards - please ask for further details.

I am always happy to answer any questions you may have, but the most frequently asked are below.


How much does a portrait cost?

Please note that postage/packing and shipping will incur an additional charge.  Please ask for a quote. I ship to all international destinations.  

Please ask for a quote in your currency.  Prices in US$ below are based on latest exchange rates and will naturally fluctuate.  I try to keep up-to-date with these fluctuations, but will give you an accurate quote with your enquiry. 

All my sizings below are a GUIDE for pricing.  I can adjust the size of a portrait to your requirements, so please ask.

There will be a small price adjustment for portraits incorporating more than one animal.

Please note: with the exception of the smallest A5 size, the sizes below apply to the approximate nearest inch, and include the small area of undrawn space around them. 

6” x 8” (A5) …………  £150 (US$225)
Do not be deceived, this is by no means a tiny drawing.  Even at this size, your portrait will convey so much life, and will be no smaller than approx 12” x 14” with a 3" mount/matt.

8” x 10” ……………… £195 (US$305)
Most popular size.  Perfect for a head/neck study of a dog/cat.  Your finished portrait will be no smaller than approx 14” x 16” when mounted/matted.

8” x 12” (A4) ………..  £250 (US$380)
Ideal if you want to include more of a dog or cat.  Also makes for a lovely small portrait of a horse.  Your finished portrait will be no smaller than approx 14” x 18” when mounted/matted.

10” x 12” …………….  £325 (US$470)
The most popular size for a head/neck study of a horse, and also if you want a more substantial  portrait of a dog/cat.

12” x 16” (A3) ………. £450 (US$650)
This size is good for horse portraits or for multiples.

If you would like a larger, or more bespoke piece, please let me know your requirements, and I will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

How does the commission process work?

We will discuss your ideas and preferences and decide upon the best design or way to portray your animal. 

I work from photographs, which MUST be clear and sharp. If you don't have your own photographs, I will undertake photo shoots. Costings for photo shoots start at £30/hour plus mileage at 45p/mile.   If you would like to purchase images from your photo shoot, please ask me for a quote.

Please note that for copyright reasons, I cannot work from the photograph of a professional photographer without their permission.  So if you didn't take the photographs you wish me to use, I will need written agreement from the photographer before I start work.

A 50% deposit is required to secure the commission, with the balance due when the drawing is completed and you are entirely satisfied. I will provide you with an “Agreement” which outlines exactly what I am doing for you and when you will receive your portrait. Please note that both a booking and delivery time can only be secured once a deposit has been received.

I recommend you allow AT LEAST 3 months when commissioning a portrait. As we approach Christmas, my lead times are likely to be longer.

Portraits in charcoal delivered to the UK are supplied dry-mounted on acid-free card with a 3” double mount /matt surround. For international destinations, your charcoal portrait will arrive dry mounted on acid free card, ready for mounting/matting/framing.

Portraits in pastel are delivered unmounted/unmatted.  They come carefully packed, with advice about aftercare and framing. 

Please remember, to assist colour preservation, every piece of original artwork must ALWAYS be kept away from heat and sunlight.